Lok Essentials started as a passion project. Hair clips are my favourite hair accessoires. I tried to look for a brand that could match my desires other than the traditional black and brown plastic hair clips. My hair is really thin and smooth, so I looked for items that felt secure in my hair.
Eventually, I ended up with Acetate; the material that is also used for eyeglasses.
It is biodegradable and therefore doesn't harm the environment, but above all it is strong and has a beautiful shine. Therefore, I created hair clips made from Acetate; they do not break and the spring is well protected so that your hair does not come in between.
My friends and I have personally tested all of our hair accessoires and they truly work, I can even wear them while exercising (even while jumping rope). The hair clips are beautifully designed, work perfectly and the colors are just exceptional. This feeling I wanted to share with all of you. I am really happy and proud to have launched Lok and hope you’ll feel the same.
We care about our environment. We use 100% recyclable materials for our shipping boxes and filling material. Our items are made out of Cellulose Acetate; a natural plastic made out of renewable materials that decompose over time. Therefore, our essentials don’t harm the environment.

Much love, Beau

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