The perfect accessories.

matching hair clips and earrings

Model met bruin haar die de oorbellen met hangers in de vorm van een hartje draagt in de kleur Blonde Tortoise.
made from biodegradable materials

About us.

Lok Essentials was founded to make you feel and look gorgeous every day. We believe that your accessories can make any outfit look unique, it’s your final touch.

Whether we are in a rush or doing full glam, hair accessories are an everyday item. Lok redefines the traditional hair accessoires with fresh and timeless items that match every wardrobe.

Because we care about your hair (and our planet) our clips are made of Cellulose Acetate, a natural plastic made from renewable materials. The material is super strong and has a beautiful shine. We want to give you the best clips that prevent hair breakage, without slipping out of your hair.

In short, the perfect hair clip.

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All hair accessoires

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All hair accessoires


My friends and I, we've tried them all. We wear our dreamy hair accessoires everyday. They are not only beautiful, but actually work for any hair type; thin or thick, short or long.


We love our hair accessoires, we've tested them hundreds of times and are fully behind them. Having doubts, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll support you.


We care about our environment. We use 100% recyclable materials for our shipping boxes and packaging-fill. Our accessoires are made out of acetate; made out of renewable materials.

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